Best Hair Color Ideas For Long Brown Hair In 2017

Published on October 7 2017

Chocolate Brown Shag

Dark chocolate brown hair may not have any warm undertone. You'll want to choose chocolate brown hair dye, should you look best in trendy tones. Highlights which will help compliment your piecey, textured layers can be added in by you.

Cropped Chocolate Brown Hair

To get a stunning take on the balayage fashion that doesn't feel overly prissy, go to get a cute choppy bob. Insert some honey that is placed highlights to update your hair color that is organic. This cut is girly and tons of fun. Imperfect curls just add to the allure.

Chocolate and Honey Brown Bob

With voluminous, face-framing layers, this bob includes a chic 90s allure. The dark chocolate foundation gets a refresh with highlights labored across the hair. A huge round brush will be your new companion for sure.

Smooth Chocolate Brown Hair

That is such a sophisticated (but still sexy) fashion. We are not positive whether it's the shiny layers or the cherry and espresso tones, but that is among our all-time favorites. What doesn't dream of hair which looks like this?

Chocolate and Cinnamon Brown Curls

Chocolate brown hair really is your best way to take brunette hair color up a notch. The key to the colour is glossiness, depth, and heat. Adding into the bottoms and ends in cinnamon tones provides you with an opportunity to look glowing in the sunlight and personalizes your style.

Marvelous Mahogany Dyeing

Warm dark brown hair colour frequently reminds a chocolate dessert. This dark auburn ombre mimics the mixture of a turtle browniechocolate topped with caramel and peanut. A hair color is twice appealing.

Chocolate Brown with Highlights

People tend to think of cocoa hair color as of a solid color, but we are here to inform you that you are able to go chocolate and still integrate highlights. Just make certain to keep the highlights one or two shades lighter for a natural appearance.

Beauty Salon

Bright and Bold Ombre Locks

Instead of utilizing your cherry brownish hair colour all over, try an ombre for a volcano-like effect which will ignite your strands with daring copper and mahogany colors. It almost looks metallic, which stand out in the ocean of brown hairdos that are dull and makes this style shimmer.

Creative Caramel

If you would like to enhance your mocha hair color, without the maintenance and maintenance commitment your make when moving milder, filtering some caramel and golden blonde highlights will get the task finished. It's a simple way to bring warmth to your complexion which looks especially ravishing on brunettes with a warm skin tone.

Shoulder Length Chocolate Hair

These stunning colors are a perfect way to do cool-toned dark chocolate hair with highlights. Ask your stylist for a medium cut with only a few layers. You'll have many contemporary ways this clip curled under waves, or layers.

Written by Leslee Heinig

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